In 2008, the “Chicago Climate Action Plan” was published. It was an ambitious outline of how to reduce the city’s carbon (CO2) footprint 25% below 1990-levels by the year 2020, and 80% below 1990-levels by 2050. The plan outlined strategies for energy-efficient buildings, clean & renewable energy sources, improved transportation options, reduced waste and industrial pollution, and adaptation.
Both Mayor Lori Lightfoot and 47th-Ward Alderman Matt Martin have publicly supported green initiatives, including strategies to combat climate change. Although the economic factors of the “Great Recession” era continue to affect every member of the North Center neighborhood, climate change is still one of the largest issues confronting cities in the 21st-century.
Neighborhoods that develop their own strong environmental visions, plans and policies will be better equipped to deal with these long-term challenges, so we have prepared the “North Center Neighborhood Climate Change & Sustainability Plan”.
This Plan acts as a public resource for North Center neighborhood residents and stakeholders. While focusing on North Center specifically, the Plan also seeks to illustrate the links this area has to our neighbors and to the Chicago region as a whole.
The Plan reviews the history, demographics, and character of the neighborhood, and addresses our current environmental strengths and weaknesses. Short- and long-term goals are offered as suggestions under general groupings of BUILDINGS, TRANSPORTATION, ENERGY, and MUNICIPAL SERVICES. It also offers strategies for accomplishing these goals.
The ideas and options in this document were created in order to help the North Center neighborhood with realistic and practical climate change adaptation and mitigation techniques—all at the LOCAL level. 

The “North Center Neighborhood Climate Change & Sustainability Plan” was written by neighbor Michael Ashkenasi for his graduate school studies. The document is available below. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss. 

or right-click the link below to download the entire document

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