The Greening of Northcenter Neighborhood

Northcenter is home to many forward-thinking families who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint on the earth’s resources. At NNA, we encourage and promote the continuation of environmentally friendly developments and practices within our neighborhood.

We want to work with our neighbors to promote environmentally healthy lifestyles in our area – such as encouraging and facilitating recycling and reuse, working to limit excess and unnecessary paper usage, promoting environmentally safe gardening and pest control techniques, and increasing the use of low-emissions transportation opportunities. We also promote cleaner air and water in our neighborhood, as well as the use of green building products and green energy technologies in our neighborhood.

Some of our environmental contributions have included:
  • Montrose Green Community Garden – our first organic, community garden within this century!
  • Parkway Corner Initiative – creating pollinator friendly landscapes using native plant sources.
  • Guest Speakers – including environmentalists, conversationalists, ecologists, urban planners, and green gardeners.
  • Backyard Wildlife Habitat – converting backyards into wildlife friendly spaces.

  • Energy Efficiency – hosting several “energy house parties” with Energy Impact Illinois to promote insulation and air-sealing of homes.

  • Electrical Aggregation – raising awareness of the benefits of electrical aggregation.

  • Green Lawn Initiative – converting standard lawn care into sustainable organic spaces.
  • Backyard Wildlife Habitat - converting backyards into wildlife friendly spaces.
Please check our calendar for information on our next meeting and join us!

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