Frequently Asked Questions


What are the boundaries of the Northcenter Neighborhood Association?
The boundaries of the Northcenter Neighborhood Association are Addison on the south, the Chicago River on the west, Montrose on the north, and Ravenswood on the east. Whether you live, play or work in the neighborhood, you are welcome to join NNA!

Northcenter has a very interesting history. Click here to learn more!

How do I join NNA?
It’s easy to join the Northcenter Neighborhood Association. Just click here to go to the membership page to sign up. Everyone is welcome to join NNA!

What does my annual membership fee support?
Your annual membership fee helps pay for administrative costs of the organization, such as organizing and publicizing events sponsored by NNA, maintaining the website, printing materials, etc.


How can I donate money to the Northcenter Neighborhood Association?
NNA appreciates all donations made to the organization. Funding for NNA beyond membership dues enables NNA to provide more comprehensive services to the neighborhood. Simply e-mail if you have questions or click here to make an online donation.


How can I volunteer for NNA?
NNA welcomes the volunteer support of Northcenter residents and others connected to the community. There are all kinds of ways to support NNA, including volunteering for one of NNA’s events, helping to distribute announcements and information, serving on one of NNA’s committees, or acting as a block captain. E-mail and someone will definitely get back to you.

Block Captains

How do I become an NNA block captain?
NNA’s system of neighborhood block captains is the foundation for building and maintaining our association. Block captains link neighbors to one another--among those that live on the same block and between those that live on one block with others in the wider neighborhood. NNA wouldn’t exist without this network of block captains. Just check the box on the membership form indicating you would like to be a block captain. Already a member? Just send us an e-mail at

Who is the block captain for my block?
Just send us an e-mail at and an NNA representative will get back to you with the name and contact information for your block’s block captain.

Association Bylaws

Where can I view the NNA bylaws?
The NNA Bylaws are available online.
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