Get on the Bus to save #11 Bus this Monday!

  • Monday, December 10, 2012
  • 4:00 PM
  • Senior Center, 4040 N. Oakley, or Golden Apple , 2971 N. Lincoln


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Join us as we make a case for Neighborhoods!

Neighbors young and old are gathering to protest the #11 bus cut. We need you to help make the difference.

#11 serves and important retail street in Northcenter.  Small business is the #1 local employer here.

#11 ensures that seniors can move around this neighborhood and are able to stay here, which promotes stability for our neighborhood.  It's hard to navigate the train when you're older.  

#11 helps keep the cost of the special needs transportation down that the CTA has said has spiraling costs.

#11 will mean less mass transit for our neighborhood which means less walkability which is against our greening goals.

#11 shutdown will impact most people with lower income. (They've done studies on it, when there's a cut on mass transit, they cut busses first, which impacts.)

#11 bus shutdown doesn't make sense economically, environmentally, for our seniors, or for our neighborhood.

Contact Liza Martin at 773-520-8015 or 312-744-4029 to reserve your spot at the senior center or Nick Alex at 847-219-2153 to reserve your spot at Golden Apple.

Register here so that we know you'll be there, whether you are on the bus or coming on your own.  It also allows us to be able to do last minute communications in case anything changes.  

If you're willing to go and be on the advanced team, contact us! We'll be there at 5 and help direct seniors when they get there.
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