5th Annual CSA Night

  • Monday, March 13, 2017
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Epiphany UCC, 2008 W. Bradley Place


  • Contribute the $5 suggested donation online.

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Save the Date for our 5th Annual CSA Night!

Community-Supported Agriculture is a way to get fresh seasonal food delivered straight from the farm to our neighborhood and help support local farmers and sustainable agricultural practices.

Come meet growers from local farms and discover the many reasons why signing up for a CSA membership is a great idea.

$5 suggested donation at the door or feel free to pay the donation by registering online.

This year's participating farms include: Mint Creek Farm, Scotch Hill Farm, Joe's Blueberries, Sandbox Organics, Sitka Salmon Shares, Willow Ridge Organic FarmCollective Resources Inc, Chicago Market, Earth First Farmsand West Side Bee Boyz.

This year, the farmers will be sharing their knowledge with you! 

A series of short presentations will happen as you meet and mingle with the local growers and members of our community:

A Beautiful Day in Michigan

Frank Corrado of Joe’s Blueberries 5pm

We’ll present some ideas on how to plan for a day of on-farm fun this coming summer in the Southwest Michigan Fruit Belt. We’ll cover topics like getting there, maximizing your day, what to expect in resort towns, fun on the way back home and costs.

Food for Thought

Renee Randall of Willow Ridge Organic Farm 5:45pm

What do all those current food terms really mean? Getting those buzz words better defined can make you an informed and better shopper. For instance, what's the difference between heirloom and heritage, organically grown and certified organic? If I'm buying eggs--what's the difference between cage free and pastured? What's the definition of sustainable? of nutrient dense? of natural? or, of local? What's the difference between hydroponic vs. aquaponic? What does "fair trade" mean to you and what do all those certifications mean? It really is a lot to sort out. Answering some of those questions will help you shop all the wiser.

Farming Today

Raya Carr of Mint Creek Farm 6:00pm

This presentation will talk about the learning curve of farming and what it's like getting into it nowadays. Learn how farming can impact our environment, animal welfare, and health.


Refugees & Urban Farming

Linda Seyler of Global Garden Refugee Training Farm 6:15pm

Global Garden Refugee Training Farm works with displaced family farmers who bring generations worth of knowledge and expertise to their new home.  Learn about the challenges they face in urban environments like Chicago and how our farm offers healing and strengthens these new American families.

The Method of Composting that is Right for You

Mary Beth Schaye of Collective Resource 6:30pm

Do you want to compost, to reduce the amount of waste you send to a landfill, but need help figuring out the pros and cons of composting yourself versus having someone else do it for you? Mary Beth Schaye, Zero Waste Consultant from Collective Resource, Inc. will compare and contrast backyard, worm and commercial composting and answer specific questions.

How Can You BEE the Change!

Thad J. Smith of Westside Bee Boyz 6:45pm

Learn how to help not only our honey bee population, but also what is being done to help the other 4000 species of native bees that are being endangered here in North America.

CSA 101

Tony Ends of Scotch Hill Farms 7:00pm

Learn how subscriptions work for the core model of CSA and why CSA is important to sustaining ecology, community and health.

The Seven Co-operative Principles

Emily Crespo of the Chicago Market 7:30pm

All co-ops are based on the internationally recognized cooperative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. Co-op members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. Across the country, we’re experiencing a new wave of interest in developing co-ops as communities seek to build better food systems and support local producers. Chicagoland is no exception- with two young grocery co-ops open for business and at least five more in development, co-ops may well be the next big thing in supporting local farmers.

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