Block Leader Responsibilities

Block leaders play a vital role within our community. As a block leader, you are the grand connector. 

You responsibilities would be:
1. To create and maintain a way that your neighbors could connect to each other.   
2. To connect with other block leaders to create a larger community that communicates.   
3. To  be the liaison between NNA and the people on your block. This includes promoting NNA and what we are doing;  communicating NNA events and Northcenter issues to those on your block via e-mail/flyers, phone calls; and communicating back to NNA any issues your block might be having.   

Ways that NNA could help you:  
1. We will support you in creating community on your block. We can give you ideas on how to connect with your neighbors, give you technical assistance and with your permission, we could let our members on your block  know that you have taken on this responsibility. We also have a lot of block party resources.  
2. We will create a block leader online community so that you can share information with other block leaders. We will provide 4 quarterly updates about NNA and Northcenter that you could share with your neighbors easily whether they’re members or not.  
3. We will host a meeting of block leaders with invited speakers that address issues that are important to you one to two times a year, depending on your interest. As a block leader, you will be part of a network of neighbors who not only share information, but support a connected community.

In recognition of this service to our community, NNA would like to extend a one year complimentary membership.

You need not do this job alone.  We have many co-block leaders who enjoy doing this together.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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