Are you looking for assistance with snow removal during the winter months? Or are you able to help your neighbors with shoveling this winter? Inspired by a similar program created by My Block, My Hood, My City, an organization that serves the South and West sides of Chicago, and a new program being offered by our friends in Lincoln Square, the Northcenter Neighborhood Association has formed a Volunteer Snow Brigade.

Senior Citizens and neighbors with disabilities who are seeking help and those who would like to volunteer are encouraged to sign up for our program. This program connects neighbors who are unable to shovel their own walks with volunteers who are willing to provide snowshoveling services. Volunteers are needed for the entire winter 2020-21 snow season.

Neighbors who request assistance for snow shoveling will be provided with a list of available volunteers in their area. The neighbor is responsible for contacting volunteers from the list to schedule assistance. The volunteer is responsible for completing the task or notifying the neighbor if they are unable to shovel. This is a simple way for willing volunteers to be there for neighborhood residents who need a little extra help clearing the way when snow falls.

It’s easy to help: 

1.    Sign up to volunteer

2.    Make sure your elderly neighbors/neighbors with disabilities are signed up to get shoveling help

3.    Grab a shovel and your warmest outerwear and head out there when you are contacted to volunteer.

Where we will shovel:

We will shovel within the boundaries of the Northcenter Neighborhood (please see map below). This program will only work if we have volunteers.  Please note, we will do our best to connect volunteers and neighbors with those who live close to one another.

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