Dear Northcenter Friends,

We hope you have strolled Northcenter Neighborhood Association’s annual garden walk, found treasure at the NNA yard sale, learned about new developments, and raised a glass with a new friend.

NNA brings the neighbors of Northcenter together to achieve and preserve a vibrant community for living, working, learning, and playing.

We are proud of NNA’s role in our neighborhood, and we look forward to making sure that its contributions continue to enrich us all. To that end, we are asking for contributions to our I Love Northcenter annual fund to establish a solid financial foundation for NNA’s work. While our membership fees are effective in offsetting some of our costs, our value-priced memberships ($10 for individuals and $20 for families) do not cover all of our expenses.

We are committed to maintaining our value pricing to ensure that NNA membership is available to all residents of our community.  

We hope you agree that our work is valuable and our mission is essential to the neighborhood. If your finances permit, please consider showing your love with a donation to support NNA and the I LOVE NORTHCENTER annual fund. Donations may also be mailed to Northcenter Neighborhood Association at PO Box 180180, Chicago, IL 60618.

Thank you for making our neighborhood such a wonderful community.


The NNA Board of Directors:

Kate Kreinbring, President

Michelle Weber, Vice President

John Liebert, Treasurer

Amy de la Fuente, Secretary

Anne Brogden

Renee Giardin

Larry Griffin

Liz Hinard

Jeff Jenkins

Diane Louis

Sally Smith

Kevin Sullivan

NNA Advisory Board:

Kathleen Abbott

Mathew Boemmel

Gretchen Decker

Julie Hobert

Karen Carter Lynch

Marnie Schwartz

Jill Stein

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The Northcenter Neighborhood Association (NNA) is a (501)(c)(3) nonprofit organization made up of Northcenter residents who are interested in staying involved in our vibrant community.

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